Saturday, July 31, 2004

Barak Back in Illinois

From the Obama for Senate website:

Obama to Tour Downstate Illinois with Family Joined by
US Senator Dick Durbin
On the heels of the Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama heads out for a five day tour through downstate Illinois with his family and US Senator Dick Durbin (Senator Durbin will travel Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday). Obama and family hit the road to meet in downstate communities and visit some of Illinois’ beautiful attractions. Obama begins his “family vacation” on Saturday July 31 and ends the trip on his birthday August 4 with a barbeque party.

Events along the trip will be open to the public and will give members of the community an opportunity to meet Obama as well as a chance for Obama listen to their concerns.

For more information on his visit or the campaign, please call (217) 544-9670 or e-mail

A detailed schedule can be found HERE.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Welcome to Barak My World: The Obama Watch. This independent blog is not affiliated in any way with State Sen. Barak Obama or his campaign for U.S. Senate. It is created for those around the nation to follow the career of the man who will become only the nation's third black senator since reconstruction.

Following his amazing keynote address to the Democratic National Convention, it is to be expected that Barak will be watched as a rising star in the Democratic Party. Barak My World will follow this charasmatic, energetic, and optimistic man over the course of his campaign and career. We invite you to join us.